Villa Ada

Villa Ada is one of the biggest parks in Rome (second only to Villa Doria Pamphili), it’s a true oasis away from the traffic and hectic pace of downtown Rome. A park with countless types of plants and flowers and where it is not rare to come across squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, rabbits, porcupines and rich communities of birds, including parrots, all favored by the proximity of the river Tiber (Tevere). Close to the park of Villa Ada you can then dip in the Parioli district, considered the poshest neighborhood in Rome. Villa Ada park is particularly alive in Summer with cultural and music festivals spanning through many genres and styles. In particular, the internationally famous Festival "Rome Meets the World" which takes place every summer and has hosted in the past artists such as Patti Smith, Incognito, Steve Vai, Maceo Parker.

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